The Church Planting Super Site Is Here!

by | Jan 19, 2012 | Church Planting

A new tool is now available to church planters.  Go to and see for yourself.  When I began planting churches in the early 1970s I never saw a book on the subject.  I have since discovered that there were some but without the internet they were impossible to find.  The CPSS mission statement is simple…

We seek to assist with the multiplication of Christ-centered churches by providing a one-stop portal that will showcase the very best services, products, or ministries related to church planting.

We want to connect church planters with the resources they will need to successfully launch and sustain a new local church.  So far, we have temporarily populated the site with the names of many ministries and organizations that might lighten your load.  You will see an alphabetized list of these at first glance.  As we gain affiliate partners we will put their information in place for you to see. Some existing links will leave.  We are purchasing the number one position on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the search term, “church planting.”  There are 30,000 global monthly searches for this term.  It should be operational shortly.  ( is there now).  It’s expensive but we think worth the exposure our new ministry will get.

Perhaps the most exciting parts of the site will be our “Church Planter’s Garage Sale,” and our “Free Stuff” sections, available in traditional message board format.  Many new churches have a short life span.  By the time they close their doors they have usually collected a lot of equipment and other ministry items that might be used in another plant.

These two sections will give opportunity for forward thinking church planters and denominational leaders to breathe new life into other ministries.  By selling or donating equipment, etc. to another new work you will be carrying the Gospel beyond your own horizon.  Our role at the Super Site will be to introduce those who have to those who need.  We will not be part of the transaction.  When you sign up (bottom right of the Home Page) you will be able to post appropriate items for sale or donation.  You do not need to sign up to see what’s there.

About 15 years ago I planted a church in North Carolina and a church in Florida gave us a complete sound system with 10 microphones they had replaced with wireless and a digital piano they no longer used.  What a head start we got from their generosity.  If you’re reading this, church planting is in your blood.  Please pray for this effort as we move forward.  Tell us if we’ve made a mistake or overlooked something important through our ”Contact Page.” Please tell others. It’s our prayer that every church planter in America will bookmark this page!

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