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Church Planting Book by Jeff Hoglen and Ron Myer

Church Planting Made Practical by Ron Myer & Jeff Hoglen

Have you heard God’s call for church planting?

Jesus came to earth with a mission to seek and save the lost. He established the church to carry out this mission He started. This inspiring and practical manual is based on the premise that planting churches is the most effective way of fulfilling the Great Commission.

If you have heard God’s call for church planting, this tool will help you realize your dream. With the call of God as your starting point, a church planter also needs diligent preparation, a clear vision and mission, training, prayer support, and accountability partners. This manual provides guidance on how you can implement your God-inspired vision to plant churches in a way that will effectively grow God’s Kingdom—designed for future church planters and legacy churches multiplying.

Church Planting Podcast

Church Planting Today is the Season 1 podcast of

Jeff Hoglen and Steve Sjogren started the podcast to share practical help with those in the trenches of church planting and also to help existing churches fulfill their God-given vision for the local church.

Season 2 is now available on most platforms! This is Church Planting 2.0

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5 Ways to Help Church Planters Get Unstuck

5 Ways to Help Church Planters Get Unstuck

The thought of making a difference stirs you to take action. The excitement of something unique and fresh drives you to step out in faith and plant a church. The first year of the church plant may not have been perfect, but the forward momentum keeps you focused and on track. Years later, you find yourself in a funk. You find the church stuck in a routine that has led to stagnation.