Two Church Planting Organizations That You Should Know

by | Feb 3, 2023 | Church Planting, Featured

If you’re a church planter, leader, or even someone just thinking about starting their own congregation- do we have news for you! Church planting can be overwhelming, but thankfully there are incredible organizations dedicated to equipping and empowering leaders in this exciting endeavor.

Today we’ll look at two of these groups that might not be on your radar yet, but definitely should be if you’re serious about stepping into the world of church planting.


Rize Church Planting Network


Rize Church Planting Network is dedicated to helping people start and grow Christian churches in the USA and worldwide. RIZE exists to plant, replant, recalibrate and adopt diverse churches in strategic cities in the US and beyond!

Rize Church Planting Network’s mission is to reach people with the Gospel by planting churches. They are committed to seeing lives changed through church planting and discipleship. In addition, the organization provides resources, training, and support for church planters who want to make a difference in their community.

Rize Church Planting Network provides coaching opportunities for pastors and leaders looking to gain insight into effective ministry practices.

Visit their website here: Rize Church Network




DOVE USA is an incredible resource for church planting within the United States. They have a website,, with everything you need to get started and succeed in your church planting journey. From helpful articles to training videos from experienced pastors, DOVE USA can provide the guidance and support needed to launch and sustain a thriving ministry. DOVE USA is also an excellent resource for house churches, micro churches, and other missional community-based fellowships. With DOVE USA’s timeline tool, you can easily plan out your church planting project from start to finish. DOVE USA has the resources and support needed to help make it all happen! So don’t hesitate.

These two organizations are making a difference and can help you in your ministry. So whether you’re looking for training on how to plant a healthy church or practical resources for discipleship and evangelism, I’m willing to bet they can help you out or know someone who can.

Visit the DOVE USA website here: DOVE USA. 


Church planting organizations are doing great things all over the country.


Rize Church Network and DOVE USA are organizations that stand out and are doing innovative work. If you’re thinking of starting a church or getting involved in planting, contact them directly for more information. They’ll be able to answer any questions you have and get you started on your journey.


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