Understanding Your Church’s Relational Reach Zone

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As a church planter, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is outreach and marketing to get first-time guests to attend the church. And while there are many strategies and techniques you can use to engage with your community, one concept you can’t ignore is the Relational Reach Zone (RRZ).


What is Relational Reach Zone (RRZ)?


RRZ is simply the geographic area surrounding your church, within which people are most likely to attend your services or get involved in any event you organize. It’s a common term used in church marketing and outreach, and it’s vital because reaching out to people outside of this zone can be a challenge. The RRZ varies from church to church, depending on several factors such as location, demographic, age, and median annual income.


How does RRZ affect your outreach efforts?


If you’re not aware of your RRZ, you may be misdirecting your efforts toward areas that won’t yield results. For example, suppose your church is located in an urban area. In that case, you may assume that advertising in the local newspaper or radio station will attract potential members. However, if your RRZ extends only a few miles, you may be better off focusing on online and social media strategies to reach your target audience. Knowing your RRZ allows you to create targeted outreach campaigns that appeal to the needs and interests of people in your community.


How can you determine your church’s RRZ?


Determining your church’s RRZ is crucial to understanding the limits of your outreach efforts. You can do this by analyzing your member database and identifying the addresses of your members. You can then visualize this data on a map and see the geographic distribution of your members. Another way is to survey your members and ask them how far they traveled to attend your church. This data will give you a good idea of your RRZ, which you can use to plan your outreach and marketing efforts.


How should a church planter use this information for outreach, marketing, and networking?


You can use your RRZ to:

• Create targeted marketing campaigns that address the needs and interests of people within your RRZ. For example, suppose you have a large population of young professionals in your RRZ. In that case, you can create campaigns that target this demographic.

• Network with local organizations and businesses within your RRZ to find potential partners or sponsors for church events and activities. Some local organizations to consider joining are chambers of commerce, service clubs, networking groups, and non-profit organizations.

• Attend community events and engage with people in your RRZ to build relationships and promote your church’s mission and vision.

• Develop partnerships with other churches and organizations within your RRZ to collaborate on community projects and outreach efforts.




So if you’re a church planter or leader, take some time to analyze your church’s RRZ, and use this data to shape your outreach and marketing strategies for better results. Remember, understanding your Relational Reach Zone will allow you to focus on the people in your immediate area who will most likely be engaged in your church.


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