Walking In Constant Kindness OR Planned Outreaches

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Servant Evangelism, Uncategorized

I run into people regularly who openly wonder how to lead others in the realm of outreaches. “If we are walking in the Spirit do we need to schedule outreaches?” they reason. Isn’t that a bit like scheduling love? Aren’t we called to walk in love continually? How does the planned and the spontaneous line up?

Yes, we are people who love others all the time. We are called by God to be agents of his kingdom wherever we go.

Based on that understanding we are wise to ask one another, “How’s business?” I don’t know about you but I am inconsistent with my love. Some days I do a stellar job of loving others. Other days I am not so successful. Still others days I am up and down in the course of an hour. Bottom line – I am inconsistent with love. I need help in this department if I hope to walk consistently.

As I walk through life I generally become like the people I hang around with. What causes me to grow spiritually? What causes me to grow in my love levels?

More than anything I become like those I spend large amounts of time with. Click To Tweet

We pick up the habits of those we hang with. When we have a shared job that we do enthusiastically, all sorts of positive vibes rub off on one another.

I believe outreach is much like prayer.

We need to be fluent in our praying both individually and in group settings. Hopefully we can pray effectively on our own as well as with others. A big part of my prayer life is set in motion as I pray with others around me.

So it is imperative that we practice group outreaches and individual efforts as well.

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