Valentine’s Day – the most Christian of all holidays

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Outreach and Evangelism

Valentine’s Day, that stands for a celebration of love, is arguably the most “Christian” of all holidays each year.

With Valentine’s, there is no misunderstanding what it stands for, as does Christmas (Santa) and Easter (bunny rabbits). I’ve read several surveys that ask children what Christmas stands for. Nearly all of them think it has to do with Santa. A small percentage of kids connected it with any part of Jesus coming into the world. My guess is that even those who got part of the real meaning, have a vague or way out there understanding of who Jesus is – and his church as well.

Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to show, not just talk about, the truth of who He is and His love for everyone on the planet.

Even thought it’s right around the corner, it’s still fairly easy to find affordable stuff to give away to connect with the not-yet Believers around you.


Some projects we have tried that work over the years are:

Carnation give away. (There might be a flower distribution center in your neck of the woods. Also, a conventional flower store might be willing to sell them for a rock bottom price when they hear that you are going to give them away for free.)

Small bags typical Valentines candy.  It’s essential that these are sealed. (Most are reluctant to take anything edible these days.)

There are other possible small gifts to give away that you’ll find at a local discount dollar store sort of place. (Most holidays have a surprising number of low cost gifts connected with any holiday.)


You will no doubt be asked by some the “Why question.”

“So why you are doing this?”

This is an open door to share the line that fits the best with most of our outreaches: “We just think that if Jesus were walking around town today, he’d be doing stuff like this to share his love, not just talk about it.” That is a pregnant phrase that will probably stick with them for a while, whether they express that to you at that moment or not.

For those in your group who are chickens when it comes to reaching out (I’m an RC myself – “Recovering Chicken”) – suggest they just drive through fast food places or other quick places to eat at, and give one to the window person. “Here’s a little gift to show you a tiny bit of God’s love!”

As always, give away a connect card. Without some way of getting in touch with you guys you’ll just be a ship passing in the night – and likely to frustrate those you touch when they want to follow up on your website for example.

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