Two Things Visionary Leaders Must Have to Be Successful

by | Feb 7, 2024 | Church Leadership

I love working with big-idea leaders. I somewhat put myself in that category, so perhaps we are attracted mostly to our own types. Yet, whatever the reason, I’ve learned there are some things visionary leaders must have to be successful.

Both of these I have learned the hard way. I didn’t have them, and I wasn’t nearly as successful during that season of my career.


Two Things Visionary Leaders Must Have to Be Successful:


1. Someone to keep them organized.

In fairness, this could be some “thing” rather than someone. I’ve had both, but visionary leaders need a system or a person who can keep them on task. Otherwise, the visions compete against themselves. Nothing ever gets accomplished because visionary leaders will chase every attractive vision that comes along.


2. Someone willing to tell them no.

For the reason stated previously, visionary leaders need someone in their life willing to say things like:


  • “That’s not a good idea.”
  • “We can’t do anymore than we are doing right now.”
  • “We haven’t finished the last good idea you had.”
  • “Let’s celebrate what we’ve accomplished before we tackle something new.”
  • “The team needs a chance to catch our breath.”


Of course, the visionary leader needs to be willing to listen to others. Plus, I would say – the way you say it to the visionary leader will likely determine how it is received. Also, the more a visionary leader trusts the person willing to say no, the more likely it will be heard. But visionary leaders often need to hear “no.”

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