Top #churchplanting Tweets of the week

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Church Planting, Communication / Preaching | 1 comment

  • Church planting isn’t just a ministry for individual planters; it’s a ministry for the whole Church.

  • Church planters can no longer simply think like pastors starting worship services; they have to think like missionaries engaging local contexts.

  • ‘Missional church planters focus on the great commission by reaching the unchurched, not by seeking to attract area Christians’ file under: things I need to remember. Thanks

  • Church planters & pastors would do well to substitute teach. You can develop relationships w/ families. And it’s a sanctifying experience!

  • It is important that we go where God is already working, not for us to go somewhere and then ask God to show up.

  • New article up on our website … “Do More.” It’s not that my ministry training was wrong or bad … it’s just it wasn’t enough. While I was adept at “churchy” things I was not prepared for life outside the walls of the church building.

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