The Why Question

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Church Planting



The most important question for a church planter to answer is “Why?”

Too often, planters start with questions like “What model of planting should I follow?” or “Where is the best location?” instead of stopping to ask “Why am I planting this church?”

Get the “why” right,  stick with the “why”, and it will lead to the answers of the other important planting questions.

It’s really that simple.

Hint: the answer to the “why” question will be a statement like “to reach Spanish speaking people living in the southwest quadrant of the county,” or “to provide a meeting location for the people who attend our church but commute from the west side of town.”  Every church will have a different “why.”

Keep in mind- some “whys” are unhealthy. I had a conversation with a planter one time and asked him why his church existed. His answer? “We are not Saddleback!” That church doesn’t exist anymore because their “why” was to NOT to be something. They succeeded!

So, choose your “why” carefully. Getting your “why” right is the foundation of starting a strong church on mission with Jesus!

For some more great thoughts on the “why” check out this TED talk by Simon Sinek:

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