The Top Three Lessons

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Learning from history doesn’t cost much. And it’s worth whatever we have to pay for it.

No matter where you are located, there is something momentous going on around you. I’ve heard the opposite time and again from various settings around the world. I usually ask leaders, “What great stuff is God doing around your city?” When we’ve gone through a long stint of frustration, it can be easy to conclude that nothing positive is happening.

Before you can see what is actually going on, you need to shirk any of the false perceptions and open your mind to the idea that something very positive actually is happening.

Ask yourself “What are the three best decisions the churches in my area have made in the past year?” Click To Tweet

They are great decisions, not just because they “worked” but because you and other leaders in the area have discovered new ways of thinking.

Those new ways often appear to work in the reverse direction of our instincts.

As a leader, you need to be able to outline the top three lessons of those around you who are changing the face of your city – especially the positives they’ve learned from the “other guys” who are not officially connected with you.

Sometimes the “them” are ones you’ve previously seen as part of the problem. Those who can’t learn from them are either ignorant or are so fearful they are willing to amputate the gift God has provided in the form of a great lesson.

What’s the number one thing we can learn from those who are not a part of your group? Wisdom.

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