How easily do you bounce back from disappointment? What is your reaction to change?

Change is a fact of life. Biologists define a living organism as something that moves (among other factors). Regardless of the type of organism – human, animal, or even something microscopic – a change comes as movement takes place. When movement happens, change happens.

When change occurs, the status quo is dealt a blow. The pushback a church leader gets, even from well-intentioned members, requires resilience.


The art of resilience is a skill we need to develop.


The art of resilience is a skill we need to develop – an ability that’s more valuable than we understand. In order to stay on course and on mission for the long haul, you should master the art of resilience. Here are some points to ponder and put into action:


Develop your understanding of resilience.


● Life is something that you can either go through or grow through. Resilience requires the willingness to grow and adapt.

● Life has peaks and valleys. It is always changing. If you’re able to accept this, you’ll find that you’re more motivated to get curious about the lessons of each moment.

● You’re not born with resilience, but you can develop this skill.


Take responsibility.


● It is impossible to be perfect. We all make mistakes. Admitting that you make mistakes will increase your resilience.

● Apologize when you need to. This takes humility and courage, and it will strengthen all of the relationships in your

● Get curious about the role you play in every part of your life. Even if someone wronged you, get curious about your behavior and reaction. You never have to blame yourself. Simply look at the situation so that you can learn how you want to behave in the future.

● Let go of resentment. It can be challenging to move forward when anger is weighing on your shoulders. You do not have to carry this around anymore. You’re capable of letting go and forgiving.


Mindset Matters.


● Begin with the basics. Take care of your body, brain, and environment.

● Pay attention to the patterns of critical self-talk you play in your head. Replace these negative phrases with positive affirmations.


I close this blog post with a scripture that I hope encourages you big time!


Galatians 6:9  (VOICE)

May we never tire of doing what is good and right before our Lord because in His season we shall bring in a great harvest if we can just persist.

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