The Power Of Vision

by | Jul 13, 2021 | Church Leadership, Church Revitalization

I believe churches only grow when their Senior Pastors have a crystal clear vision of where God wants to take their church, and that vision is broadly shared and owned.

Here is a three-year snapshot of a twenty-year plan we believe God has set before us as a church. It contains specific, actionable shifts that must be made and opportunities that must be capitalized upon to become the church God has called us to become.

Notice that while we’re keeping our twenty-year focus in mind, this is only for what we must address in the next three years.

If you’re not operating off of a crystal clear three-year strategy as a team, I would move heaven and earth to make sure you have one in place by the Fall.

I believe that you’ll find the process of identifying areas that need to be addressed, and formulating the strategy to make those changes a reality, both enriching and exciting.


CCV’s 2020 Vision

Since the beginning, God has called us to plant a church in the suburbs of Philadelphia, which would grow past 5,000+ and in turn plant 20 daughter campuses of 1,000+ each throughout the metro area. This will happen by the end of 2036. At that time CCV will collectively gather 25,000 people each weekend in each of its 21 campuses to then be sent out as missionaries from the ends of their driveways to the ends of the earth.

This 2020 plan sets the stage for doubling the Royersford campus, launching a second campus in King of Prussia, and another in a yet to be determined location. This means by the end of 2020 CCV will average 3,500 in weekly attendance: 2,500 at the Royersford campus, 600 at the King of Prussia campus, and 400 at the newly launched next campus.

To make this a reality we will focus on making the following changes and implementing the following initiatives:


Unchurched John Focus

We will ensure that everything we do has Unchurched John in mind: service design, all ministries, marketing, branding, etc.


Clear, Simple, Relational Steps For Newcomers

We will shift from offering classes and sign-ups to cultivating a relationally-based environment in which to connect new people. Our steps must be clear to everyone, simple to move through, and led by relationally wired people. Attention must be made to continuous process improvement to stay relevant and effective.


Groups Focus

We will transition from being satisfied with CCV’ers simply attending services to CCV’ers actually doing life together. This new vision must focus on a radical redefinition of what “church” means. To us church is no longer what happens on the weekends. “Church” is what happens in community with others and is in turn enriched by joining others in corporate worship every weekend.


Relational Evangelism

We will become great at modeling, teaching, and training our people to #PrayForOne and share their faith relationally with their friends, family, and neighbors.


Intentionally Collecting And Sharing Life Change Stories

We will put systems in place for people to freely share life change stories, and for us as leaders to corporately celebrate what God is doing in our people’s lives in all areas of the church.


Children’s Ministry Space Redesigned, Rebranded and Re-Launched

We will complete the redesign and rebranding of our children’s ministry environments to build on the current momentum and excitement from the families connected to that area.


High School Ministry Re-Launched

We will rename, rebrand, and re-launch our high school ministry for a new season of ministry in which a growing tribe of relational leaders will reach 300 students.


Middle School Ministry Leadership Recruitment

We will recruit and train 70 leaders to reach 300 middle school students and challenge them to be a force for change in their schools and circles of friends.


Community Of Artists Expansion

We will build a community of artists who in turn focus on three things: First, they must keep Unchurched John front and center as they plan services. Second, they must recruit more ethnically diverse talent to join them. Third, they must transition away from loud ’ 70s-’90s arena rock anthems to more indigenous artistic expressions that focus on the beauty of vocals, high-quality instrumental expression, and theologically rich lyrics.


Campus Strategy Solidification

We will learn and document as much as possible in the next two campus launches so that we will be poised to launch campuses at the rate of 1-2 a year for the remaining 17 years in our larger vision.


Volunteer Leaders

We will create a formalized leadership development pipeline that recruits, trains, and deploys high-capacity volunteer leaders who own and embody the vision.


Worldwide Mission Expansion

We will create clear steps and relational invites to double our mission trip participation to 200 per year. We will launch a new church-planting partnership in Panama, and seek to double the number of church plants in India and El Salvador. Each CCV family will be engaged in a specific country internationally, and we will double our child sponsorships.


Relational Donor Development Strategy

We will find a way to incorporate more relational aspects into our donor development strategy.


Staff Accountability

We will hold ourselves accountable to being relationally focused as leaders and to the continuous process development of each of these initiatives.

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