A few years ago, Georgia, my wife and I went to downtown Berlin to do some shopping. We had seven different stops to make. As we were leaving the house, I told my wife that I wanted to “add value” to the employees of the places where we were going to shop. I prepared myself inside, prayed shortly, opened up my heart and approached the people accordingly. I asked how people were doing, complimented them, asked them some deeper questions and just added value to them. It was amazing how people reacted! They sucked in everything I had to say and received every bit of encouragement I brought.

As I was pondering what had happened that afternoon, I realized that the Lord daily encourages us in the same way.

He not only gave us his life, but he also gave us everything that comes with it. We are his children, and he cares for us beyond our ability to comprehend! We are heirs of the kingdom with everything that includes to help us through life. He certainly is adding value to us.

Since that day I decided always to leave the house with this little prayer: “Lord, allow me to add value to the people I meet today.” How about adding value to the people in your city you are reaching out to throughout the year? You will be surprised to see their response. People are hungry for even a bit of encouragement.

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