The Power of A Positive Community

by | Jul 29, 2011 | Church Planting

One of the members of our church plant, the Berlin, Germany Vineyard, has adopted two African children who are HIV positive. This is unusual in that the adoptive mother is single but she feels called by God to readily share the love of Christ with those around her – including orphans. She particularly feels called to express the righteousness of the Kingdom of God by taking in the poorest of the poor and giving them a new chance.

Not only has she accepted this challenge but our church plant has rallied around her. This is a community effort! We want to share God’s love, experience it together and pass it on to those who are considered as little in the eyes of society. These two kids have become part of our loving church planting community. I believe this love is causing something amazing to happen in our midst. God is profoundly healing one of them of his HIV positive condition. His doctors tell us that the boy, Julius, is now HIV negative. God’s power flows through a loving community and is nothing short of simply amazing!

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