The Missional Journey

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There are plenty of books about discipleship or about Christian living. There are plenty of books about the church, about leading groups, and even about church planting. There are very few books that are about all of these things and how the pieces fit together.

The Missional Journey

My latest book, The Missional Journey: multiplying disciples and churches that transform the world, is about how all the pieces fit together. If you look carefully, everything is crammed into that subtitle: making disciples, starting churches, multiplying at every level, making a difference in the world around us. Together all of this adds up to a renewed vision for what the church could look like from the grassroots up.

From handing someone a cup of cold water to the great multitude standing around the throne praising God… it’s all connected. In fact, the pieces are inseparable. Try launching a movement without living like Jesus lived. Try leading a missional community without making any disciples. Try reaching those who don’t know Jesus without engaging in service to the world around you. None of it works without the rest.

Too often we compartmentalize our faith, separating serving from worship, or discipleship from church planting. This book is about how they all fit together. In fact, if you pull one piece, the whole structure crumbles. The purpose of this book is to provide a broad map of the missional journey and then to equip you, the missional leader, to help people along it at each stage of the way.

We all like our own work, but really– I think this is pretty good. You should check it out. Contact me if you want to get in on the ground floor of resourcing– I’m in the process of partnering with Dave DeVries, a contributor on The Missional Journey, for follow-up training and implementation.  

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