The Life of an Idea on a Healthy Team

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Church Health, Pastoral Burnout, Small Church / Rural Church

A healthy team gives the potential for life to every idea. Every idea has a chance to live. Initially, there are no bad ideas.

Healthy teams don’t contain a built-in idea killer. And if there is one they aren’t allowed to remain so for long.

Ideas need a chance to breathe. They need to be stretched and prodded and examined.

The best ideas sometimes come from what started as a seemingly really bad idea. Genius ideas are often killed before they have a chance to develop into their greatness.

That’s why healthy teams have freedom and regularly:

  • Brainstorm
  • Analyze
  • Test drive
  • Push back
  • Critique
  • Debate
  • Challenge
  • Collaborate
  • Dialogue
  • Listen
  • Discuss

Every. Single. Idea. Given a chance for life on a healthy team. 

Healthy teams remain open-minded about an idea until it’s proven to be a bad idea.

It doesn’t have to be a long process. It could be a short process.

But healthy teams give every idea a chance to live.

That is because healthy teams know there is value in the collection of ideas on a team.

As a leader, one of my favorite things to say things like, “I love it”. “Thanks for thinking outside the box.” “You might be on to something.” “Let’s give it a try.” “That’s great, so run don’t walk to make it happen.” 

Leader, next time your team gets together open the floor of discussion to ideas. Ask a few good questions to start the dialogue. Let everyone put ALL their ideas on the table, with no fear of embarrassment or retribution. Watch for collective brilliance to develop.

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