The Greatest Challenge Church Planters Face

by | Aug 6, 2011 | Church Leadership, Church Planting

The greatest challenge most planters face outside of raising up a launch team or raising funds is finding staff with little to no resources. We were able to hire a complete team for little money and see them move across the US to join us by doing these next 3 things [and a few more…but these are the main things]:


Simple, but the main thing. When we sit someone on the mountain overlooking the city we are ministering in saying, “There are 25+ cities in our backyard without 1 church in them and we would like you to do something about that with us,” something powerful happens as the Spirit moves. We treat them like kings and queens [within reason] and show them how much we care about their time. And then we cast monster vision and then let God move. What is your compelling vision?


We have used sites like and other low cost options and have snagged some amazing staff from there. I highly recommend for your key positions using the WILLIAM VANDERBLOEMEN SEARCH GROUP who will deliver you qualified candidates for interview. Well worth the reasonable fees they charge. As a planter, we can’t use them for our next 2 positions we are hiring this month, but we are going to use them for at least 1 of the key positions.


Are you really praying for God to send the right person? Yes, you say. Have been doing that for months!

Is that all you are doing? Are you really pushing social media, networking, using search groups or less expensive options? Is there plenty of PUSH and PRAYER involved? God could have saved the world the easy way, but he laid down HIS LIFE for us. We need to both PUSH and PRAY. We need to both CAST VISION but not SETTLE on mediocre candidates. We need to WORK hard, PRAY hard and go for the top notch leaders that God wants to bring to your team.

No excuses. We paid most of our staff $500 a month [most of them tithe that amount back anyway!] to join our team with a goal of having them full time in 2-5 years. By the way, our ad promised NO PAY. I wanted committed people! 2-5 years might be a long wait, but people who own the vision and own what God is doing through and with you will not care about the pay. If they do, you have the wrong person. Get it done in Jesus name! And remember, the right person on your team will push you OVER THE TOP or DESTROY IT ALL. Choose and praise with wisdom!

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