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by | Dec 31, 2018 | Church Leadership, Church Planting

Stadia brings people and churches together to transform lives and communities through church planting. Stadia strives to provide the BEST planter care possible to create the healthiest servants and most sustainable church planting environments. We have pioneered many of the practices we provide within our planter care strategy: support network, formal assessment, coaching, project management, and spousal support through Bloom!

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You see the need for more churches.

You see them. You see people in your community and around the world who need the Good News of Jesus Christ. You see the lost, the lonely, the lifeless. You know God’s answer is the local church. But there just aren’t enough of them. We need a new generation of leaders and a new generation of churches to reach out with fresh expressions of God’s unchanging message. How will you lead in starting more churches that bring the hope of Jesus to the world?

Stadia is ready to help!

Stadia has had the honor of helping hundreds of great leaders like you start new churches. With these leaders, we share a passionate desire to see a world where every child will experience the love of Jesus Christ through the local church. Are you ready to invest in the next generation by partnering and/or planting with Stadia? Do you know someone who is? Stadia is ready to help! Because we won’t stop … until Every Child Has a Church.

For more information, please visit the Stadia Website.

Church Website Hero

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