How about some resolutions that can actually make a ministry leader better?

In my opinion, the best leadership comes from the resolve a leader has made in his or her heart.

The resolve of a leader is a pre-determined approach to the way a leader will lead. These are personal convictions, values, and personally held beliefs, which shape the decisions a leader makes and the way he or she responds to others.

Ultimately a leader’s personal resolves – about anything – determine the way they respond and their actions towards it.

Most often, these resolutions are made even prior to being in a leadership position.

The resolve of a leader is powerful. In fact, if a leader wants to improve their leadership, they must often improve their personal resolve first.

So, do you want to improve your leadership?


10 resolutions guaranteed to make a ministry leader better:


Never compromise character in search of progress.

Consistently walk by faith in some area of life – personally or professionally.

Pray earnestly before making major decisions and solicit advice from wise people in discerning God’s direction.

Extend grace to others generously, never hold a grudge, and realize mistakes are a part of healthy leadership (and discipleship).

Protect family and personal time – never compromise it in the name of ministry.

Make personal health a priority. As much as possible, discipline to stay as healthy mentally and physically.

Commit to growing personally in some area of life – at all times, always learning something new.

Love others unconditionally – even those with whom you do not agree.

Empower and invest in others, giving them opportunities to grow as individuals.

Surround yourself with wise and moral influencers, allowing at least a few people access to know and speak into the most private parts of your life.


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