Tips For Reaching Your Community

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Outreach and Evangelism, Servant Evangelism

All warfare is contingent on the climate, geography, and environmental conditions of the battlefield. This is equally true for spiritual warfare, or as we like to call it here at ServeCoach, servant warfare. The concept of servant warfare is quite simple: the most effective weapon for overcoming spiritual darkness is God’s kindness.

The church is the best remedy for this.

Christ-followers across the country need to respond like Army medics and go out into the streets searching for the wounded from this recent financial bombardment we have been under. Even in our gospel hardened times, people are desperate to hear good news.

Are you ready to respond?

Here are a few quick ideas to use as a field manual of first aid to get your church mobilized.

Be A Generous Tipper

Christians are notorious for leaving small tips, or even worse taking the “silver and gold have I none, but this amazing tract about the four spiritual laws will give you eternal wealth” approach to witnessing to their server.

When I was a young man in school, I worked in restaurants. No one wanted to work the Sunday brunch shift since it was often heavily populated by the church crowd. As one of my fellow waiters once commented: “The longer the prayer for food, the smaller the tip.”I urge you to do your part to reverse this reputation we have. We can’t witness to people if we are stingy. We need to show folks that the kingdom of God is about generosity.

This is simple to do.

For the next month go out of your way to tip your server at least 30%.Ready for advanced servant warfare? Tip people you usually wouldn’t tip, like fast-food workers and other people at the lower end of the service industry, and be ready to explain why you are doing it. Remember these folks are used to being mistreated by customers–your job is to be refreshing. The folks that end up in those jobs are usually single parents struggling to make ends meet. Here is another challenge. Take a roll of singles with you the next time and tip servers that walk by you–even though they are are not your actual servers. They will be very curious, and it opens up the conversation to tell them just how much God loves them!

More ways to reach your community with the love of Christ will be posted in the weeks to come. Until then, continue to love your neighbor and your neighborhood in practical ways.

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