Quality Children’s Ministry in a Church Plant

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Church Leadership, Church Planting

“I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got!” That’s been my mantra for the 10 years I’ve been in ministry. No matter what the economy or the size of the church, Children’s ministry faces challenges that if not handled correctly can seep through every area of ministry in a church.

Always remember, God will not call you to do ministry without giving you the resources to do it well. Doing it well doesn’t mean huge or expensive.  It means giving it all you can, using the resources you have to the best of your abilities and allowing God’s love to flow out of you into your Kidmin. You must care about the kids in the ministry more than the ministry itself then this will be reflected in a quality children’s program.  The same principles apply if you are at the ground floor of building a student ministry as well.

Quality Children’s Ministry is:

Rooted in Christ If you only incorporated this part of a quality KIDMIN, everything else would work itself out.   Never lose sight of Christ and what you are accomplishing for the kingdom is the most important part of your ministry. Every decision you make, lesson you teach, hug you give, should be rooted in the truth of the Word of God, outflowing Christ from your life into your ministry to children.


Providing a physical, spiritual and emotional safe place for kids to absorb God’s Love is necessary for a quality ministry.  Think safety when you are planning your space, and how and what you will teach.  If a child does not perceive safety, he or she won’t learn.  We only have about 4 hours a week to teach kids, everything we say thus we want it to seep in their hearts. Safety is necessary for a quality ministry.


Jesus is all about relationship, and our children’s ministries and student ministries should encourage a relationship with Christ and others.  As we teach kids about a relationship with Christ, we should also teach them how to relate with one another.  Through those connections, kids of all ages will learn the essence of Jesus’ nature.


A quality children’s ministry will be  fun, allowing kids to express themselves creatively, kinesthetically and through discussion. Expression of what a child learns is the way children learn.


The transformation of a child’s heart is our primary goal.  Children’s ministry should transform lives, but is also ever evolving.  Whatever works in this five years, may not work in the next five.  There can be no sacred cows. Be willing to take risks, and regularly evaluate why you are doing what you are up to.

Quality children’s ministry should be an offering to God. Give him your very best with everything you’ve got!

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