Profiles of the Heart

by | May 10, 2023 | Church Leadership, Church Planting, Discipleship

You have all seen social media profiles. For all the talk today against “profiling,” we are all self-identified by our “profile.” What does your profile say?

I saw a business card once that, in addition to the man’s name, was covered with titles that highlighted what was important to him: businessman, Christian, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Sailor, Gardener, etc.  If you were to design a business card listing everything you do in the ministry, what would it say?  Scary, isn’t it?  Looking at it written down makes you wonder how you get it all done.


The ministry in my lifetime has undoubtedly changed.  


Pastors and teachers no longer have the option of just preparing sermons, teaching bible studies, ministering to our people, etc.  It’s evolved, so to speak.

As a church planter, the physical, and logistical requirements are such that there is almost no time left for preparing the heart for the essential thing: ministering before a Holy God.  We must purpose to do it.


Our devotional life is too easily squeezed out of our daily preparation.


In Ex.29, when God consecrated the priests, he touched their right ear, right thumb, and right big toe with blood. To me, this means what you hear is important, what you touch is important, and where you go is important.  We all need to remember to focus on the holiness of God.  Our daily living and our personal preparation to minister matter to God, who tells us, “I am holy.”

We all need to remember to focus on the holiness of God. Our daily living and our personal preparation to minister, matter to God who tells us, “I am holy.” Click To Tweet


I read a book called Four-Star Leadership for Leaders by Four Start Generals & Admirals.  It was filled with great quotes on leadership from famous military leaders past and present. It was a great read.  Many of the principles apply to the ministry. But spiritual leadership is a whole other dimension.


We need to be faithful, friendly, compassionate, trustworthy & loyal.  


We need to have a good reputation, biblical knowledge, the ability to communicate, faith, vision, and initiative. The list could go on and on.   But spiritual leadership must include leading God’s people in the understanding that we serve a Holy God.  To do so, we must be personally prepared.

One blogger told of a pulpit committee that was seeking a new pastor… He noted, “The committee listened to the speaker and later gathered to discuss their response to him.  A serious, shy man finally spoke with deep intensity and yet hesitantly, as if very afraid that he would be misunderstood.  He said, ‘The fact is, I for one, am set down among earthy and material and sometimes squalid things; these shape my life; and the church services are my one chance.  Unless I see God there, I shall forget about Him altogether, shall lose sight of him, amid the din and dust and press of life.  And while this preacher taught me, interested me, even fascinated me while he was preaching, I was given none of that needed sense of God.”

In the press of ministry, let’s not lose sight of Him.


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