Practical Tips for Church Growth

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Church growth can be pretty challenging for church planters. However, it’s essential to focus on practical tips that will help you grow and even expand your church’s reach. The good news is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or spend much money to achieve this goal. Here are a few helpful tips that will enable you to reach out to more people and create a thriving church community.


Use Social Media Platforms


Social media is a powerful tool that can help your church grow exponentially. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram enable you to reach a broader audience. As a church planter, ensure that you create social media pages that are easy to navigate and constantly engaging. Consistently post updates about your church events, sermons, and activities.

Also, encourage your members to share the posts with their friends and family on their social media pages. By doing this, there is a multiplication effect, and the posts will be seen by people who might not have heard about your church.


Create an Online Presence


A website and an active blog page are other great ways for churches to reach out to more people. Make sure you create an engaging website with inviting content. Starting out, you will be tempted to use stock photos. I encourage you never to do this as first-time guests will view this as a “bait and switch” gimmick. Use real pictures of people from your church.


Create an Authentic Worship Experience


One of the simplest yet effective ways to grow your church is to create an authentic worship experience. People are attracted to a church where they can feel connected to God through genuine worship and community. Therefore, as a church planter, focus on creating an environment where people can experience God, feel loved and valued.

Don’t write this one off. Many church planters and existing church leaders assume their church is friendly and inviting. I would advise you to get a “secret shopper” to visit your church and get honest feedback about their experience.


Train and Empower Your Volunteers


Your volunteers are an essential part of your church community. They help run the church’s day-to-day activities and support the vision of the church. Therefore, it’s crucial to train and empower your volunteers to become leaders in the church. Encourage your volunteers to take on responsibilities and provide opportunities for them to grow personally and spiritually.

Your church will grow when your volunteers and leaders are healthy, happy, equipped, and empowered.


Create Outreach Programs


Creating outreach programs can help you reach out to more people and grow your church community. Outreach programs such as community service, feeding programs, and evangelism can help you connect with people beyond your church community. As people experience the love and generosity of your church, they are more likely to become members of your church community.

People also want to make a difference. I believe that people want to be a part of a church that is making a difference. Your church can be a difference-maker! What are the needs around you? Live by the philosophy – ” See a need and fill that need.”


Focus on Relationships


Perhaps the most essential tip for church growth is to focus on building relationships. People are more likely to join your church community when they feel connected to others and feel like they belong. Therefore, create opportunities for people to connect through small groups, events, and fellowship activities. Encourage members to invite their friends and family to church events and activities.

Did you know that a significant majority, around 70-85%, initially attend church because a close friend or family member invites them? It’s true! In fact, on average, 83% of people who attend church do so because of personal invitations. So you can see how powerful it is when someone invites you to join them at church.

Here’s another interesting fact: according to a survey by the Billy Graham Association, the average Christian knows at least seven people who don’t go to church but who they have a personal connection with. And get this, 82% of those surveyed who aren’t actively attending church said they would definitely consider going if a friend or family member invited them.

Growing and expanding your church requires a combination of practical tips and personal effort. Remember that with consistency, dedication, and faith; you can significantly impact the lives of your church members and the community at large.

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