Overcoming Discouragement as a Church Planter

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Church Leadership, Pastoral Burnout

As a church planter, you are likely to face discouragement at some point along the way. For example, it can be discouraging when low attendance or finances are an issue. It takes work to remain hopeful and motivated in the face of these challenges. But there are ways you can break out of this discouragement and continue on your journey as a church planter.


Create Goals and Celebrate Milestones Along the Way


When faced with discouragement, it’s important to remember that your ultimate goal is to build a thriving church community. Therefore, setting short-term goals is vital to help you get there. Setting achievable goals and celebrating each milestone along the way helps keep your motivation up. In addition, it encourages you to stay focused on your end goal.

Additionally, setting small goals makes success more tangible—you can see how far you have come from where you started and how much further you must go until your goal is achieved.


Reach Out for Support


It’s also important to reach out for support during times of discouragement. Having people who understand your struggles as a church planter can help give you perspective and provide encouragement when needed. Look for like-minded individuals in your area who can relate to what you are going through; they may even be able to offer practical advice or resources that could help move things in the right direction for the church plant.

Additionally, having a solid network of peers who understand the unique challenges of being a church planter can help prevent feelings of isolation during times of difficulty.


Take Time for Reflection


Finally, don’t forget to take time for yourself during tough times—it will help keep you centered and focused on what really matters: making disciples and building God’s kingdom through this church plant!

Schedule time in your day for self-care activities like prayer, meditation, journaling, or reading scripture; having dedicated time for reflection will help ensure that spiritual growth remains central throughout this process.

Additionally, taking regular breaks away from work will enable you to return with renewed focus and energy so that tasks feel less daunting when they arise again later on down the road.



Discouragement is an inevitable part of being a church planter—but it doesn’t have to define your experience! With these strategies in mind, don’t let discouragement stop you from fulfilling God’s calling—you can make it through anything with faith!


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