Network Spotlight – The Ecclesia Network

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Church Planting

Here is the second in our continuing list of church planting networks. The Ecclesia Network had their national gathering this past April and ordained several new church planters.  For more info on the 2018 gathering, you can visit their blog site: 2018 Ecclesia National Gathering

For more info on this network that is making a difference, please visit their website: The Ecclesia Network

The following are snippets taken directly from the site.

Church & Movement Multiplication

Consistent with our values, we believe that multiplying missional congregations is the foremost priority for a church network.  Our goal as a network is to support one another in the process of establishing imaginative gospel communities both locally and globally.

Glocal Church Partnerships

Instead of relying upon a denominational entity to orchestrate training, equipping, and mission, we believe that networks provide the forum for churches to coach and support one another. We also believe that collections of churches on a common mission should collaborate amongst one another in areas of church planting, ministry innovation, and missional enterprises (businesses developed for the sake of kingdom work)

Congregational Coaching & Assessment

Ecclesia believes that outside input is a necessity for congregational vitality as we walk forward in a new century.  Through the network, we seek to provide an array of resources and leaders that are able to help fellow congregations towards missional health.  Our role is to create space for churches to access the expertise of a variety of leaders according to their own needs and developmental stages.

Mutual Equipping

We believe that in this new day of ministry, the answers to the challenges of today and tomorrow will be discovered and developed by practitioners on the experimental frontlines of ministry.  In this spirit, Ecclesia attempts to create structures and environments where practitioners can provide the input they are seeking to and from one another.

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