Micro Church – Mindsets and Meeting Places

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Church Leadership, Church Planting, Small Church / Rural Church

Getting Started

Many churches start in homes or coffee shops. Sometimes these were intentional and other times a simple Bible study morphed into a church meeting. Needless to say, the micro church/house church model is by far the easiest to start and even duplicate. The more simple the church structure, the easier it is to navigate.

Micro Churches are Churches

Some churches are meant to remain as house churches. God uses this model of gathering and it is worthy of honor. Some of these micro churches may even become networked together and gather for monthly or quarterly celebration gatherings. This is a way to have the intimacy of a small group but also have the dynamic of larger corporate worship.

Micro Church to Community Church

When you move from meeting in a home to a rented facility, there are many things to consider. With a rented facility, there now certain expectations placed on the church gathering. While once a quaint gathering where everyone could share and the kids could run freely, there is now an expectation of a full-blown church service along with nursery and kids church. On top of human expectations, there are also new financial considerations that must be addressed.

If you push back and say “it doesn’t have to be with that way,” then I’m sorry but you are mistaken. You see, when you have a house church, people come primarily by invitation. When you put a sign on a building that says “church”, there is a certain expectation from those who attend for the first time. You can try and have a micro church style within a community church setting but the chances of survival are slim.

So the question is: What did God call you to do?

There is nothing wrong with house churches! Don’t allow negative self-talk to dictate your direction. Your default mindset should always be – God has called me to ___________ at this time and I will be faithful. You don’t have to keep up with the Jones’ (community churches or megachurches) because we not competing. We are all on the same team.

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