Measure What Matters

by | Sep 14, 2018 | Church Leadership, Church Planting, Church Revitalization

We are changing what we measure at Cornerstone. I think we should measure 1-Thing… Movement

I see Jesus taking the disciples through a process:

1. Find Jesus

2. Follow Jesus

3. Become like Jesus

There was a definitive process Jesus had in mind.

He wanted His followers to Find him, know who He really was and embrace that personally.

He then wanted them to follow Him. Do life with him, learn from him like an apprentice. They were trained on the job, in real life and death situations.

Then Jesus wanted them to become like Him. “When a student is fully trained, they will be like their teacher.” Jesus empowered them, and then commanded then to go “and make followers of everyone, everywhere.” But added, “the things you saw me do, you will do even greater things than these.” Wow! Now that’s becoming like Jesus.

This was a process or “Mission of Movement.” I think we focus on and achieve what we measure. So what we mesure is important. This is what we are going to begin to measure:

  • Salvations
  • Baptisms
  • Next Steps
  • (Not attendance)

Simple…Yes! But it will force us to focus resources and energies on the things we were called to do.

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