Make A Difference In The Next 100 Days

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We need to establish ourselves afresh to make it clear we are moving forward with momentum. The following points of demarcation are especially poignant if you are new to a role. You need to establish a few things with as much clarity as you can as you set out to change your territory with the mark of greatness.


Go With Momentum From On High


The only things that will endure are those that God has established. Try as we might, all our great efforts will amount to burnt hay and stubble apart from the lasting touch of God’s Spirit breathed upon things. God-given intuition shows us what is established by his strength each day. The same shows us what we are to lend strength to on a weekly basis as we survey the horizon of a multitude of projects to which we could lend our efforts. Only the things Jesus breathes upon will endure past the moment, though.


Real Success Endures


The only real success is what God deems as enduring – those things that last. Those are the things that hold people in high esteem, that value the people that God loves so highly he sent his Son to die for. Programs that are void of showing value to people are not all that great in the eyes of God – not when they don’t esteem people.

For success, we aim to build momentum by reading the signs God’s hand is upon. We cannot fail by doing what he is doing.

God grants us the ability to see clearly so that we can understand what is important and what is passing. Otherwise, we are prone to losing track of the vital and wasting our lives on what is probable to go down the garbage disposal of life.


Lead With Humility of Heart


We need the presence of Big God if there is hope for success. We can do nothing apart from His intervention among us. With His presence, there is nothing on the positive ledger that cannot happen. It all begins as we walk in rugged honesty.


Walk in Abounding Hopefulness


We can be hopeful because we are aware of the source of our hope. We are aware that our hope rests in the notion that God is in charge and he is a good God who is for us in all things.


In All Things Show Clarity


“The best is yet to come!” We all know that without a vision, people scatter and are driven to the four winds. They are also scattered when they are unclear on what is up and when they have a need for adequate information. They don’t require an advance read of the newspaper before it all happens. But to be kept in the dark simply will not do. People will not tolerate the mushroom treatment – up to their shoulders in stinky stuff and kept in the basement in the dark. Let’s let the light in and get the right information flowing.


Share the vision with others


This is not a card game with our unique hand kept close to the vest. We are not playing in the World Series of Poker, folks. Get over the notion that you have special information that must be kept from the people. For their good and yours, inform them of what God seems to be up to. Share in humility. Share with enthusiasm what you believe to be the path God has you on. Share what you understand and share it with those words. Then listen to them as they clarify to you what they see happening. You will learn a lot from the returning conversations.

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