Invention & Innovation…Where is the Action?

by | Aug 1, 2012 | Church Leadership

In the world of Apple, (As I saw on Biography) and the mind of those who really change things, There’s an ability to connect the dots between two things…

Invention and Innovation

They are able to take an idea (Invention) and make it plausible (Inovation) for the masses. And the catalyst between those two points must be… Action!

Many can come up with great ideas, and plan things that appear to be the real game changer, but many incredible ideas die on the table of “Invention” and never see any action.

That is a great call for the Church, and us as leaders of His Church. We must be those who can…

  1. Watch and Pray
  2. Hear His voice
  3. Catch the vision, and write it down
  4. Develop a Plan of Action
  5. Delegate areas to other team members
  6. Comunicate a real win (The target)
  7. Establish a system to measure progress
  8. A willingness to change to see the Target accomplished

We are not called to be Inventors, but rather Innovators! We are called by God to take the Gospel message and make it “Craveable” to the masses. And each of us, no matter where we are, God has a plan of action, an Innovative way to see His Kingdom built where you are.

But, the first step is to….Watch and Pray.

Where are you on the “Innovation Scale” #1? Or maybe you are changing this up and you’re on #8? Which is the most difficult for you?

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