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by | Sep 11, 2012 | Church Planting

What’s an intern at the Hope Connexion Orlando?

An intern is a person who is freely being trained in preparation for further training or release into ministry once proven in the program.

Who can apply for internship?

Anyone who senses the Holy Spirit calling them to invest in their ministry skills and development.

What do interns do at HCOrlando?

Interns will be given assignments in an array of ministry areas.  The idea will be to give the broadest exposure to church ministry.  There will be a rotation from various areas of the church life over six months.

How long can I intern for?

We ask for a six-month commitment.  You can re-up for internship for up to two years.

How much will it cost me?

The internship is free of charge.  Interns must be able to cover their own expenses either by gathering financial support form family, churches and friends or by working part time.  HCO will seek to find housing for as many as we can first-come, first-serve.

Can I get college or seminary credits for the internship?

It is the interns responsibly to seek out confirmation of credits that can be gained from colleges or seminaries.   We do offer a certificate of completion for one year’s service that will have value for future references.

What could be the benefits of being and intern?

Interns who perform well can receive encouragement and help in planting their own church.   The HCO interns will receive cutting-edge ministry training from highly experienced leaders.

What kind of format will my training take on if I sign up for the internship?

You will be given oversight in ministry functions usually about 30 hours per week.  You will receive a weekly debriefing from the ministry director and team.  You will also receive a two-day a month training seminar in theology of church planting and ministry, skills in ministry dynamics such as intercession, mediation and prayer, strategic thinking and communication skills.  Once a quarter interns will receive a half-day session with a noted leader in the church world and/or guests to the ministry of Orlando.

Interns who perform well on a first-come, first-serve basis will be considered for a monetary investment in a mission’s trip or help with ministry education.

What are the distinctive qualities of Orlando’s vision that would interest me?

Hope Connexion Orlando is an integrated church generationally and racially.  We are neo-Pentecostal in our orientation.   We are a church committed to outreach first and foremost but also to transformational ministry to maturing Christians.   We are affiliated with the International Communion of Evangelical Churches and committed for its growth and advancement.   Our worship style is new contemporary worship and speaking focus is toward expositional, how-to communication of the Christian Faith.

We appeal to a number of backgrounds church wise and spiritually.  Most people will come from a variety of backgrounds and all are welcomed.

Our statement of faith is available upon request or from our website.

When does the internship begin?

Interns can begin work November 2013 or any time they’re after.   The internship ministry is ongoing so interns can begin the experience when it fits their schedule.

Do I need recommendations?

Yes you will need a recommendation from your pastor and letters from two mature Christians.  You will also need to be interviewed either by Skype, phone or in person before you are allowed into the internship program.

How can I apply?

You may apply by writing Doug Murren at  Doug.Murren@gmail.  We will arrange a phone appointment to get the experience started.  Upon your first conversation you will be asked to fill out an application form and send in three references.

What unique experience does an internship with HCOrlando offer?

There a several unique opportunities the internship with HCO will offer. First a chance to learn integrated ministry generationally and racially.   You will also be able to learn how churches are planted first hand.  Third you will experience the newest generation of church planting and ministry insights.  You will be participating in a highly outreach oriented ministry culture.  And the church will be in the start-up phase so interns will get a great deal of personal input from the ministry team.

Is there an age limit or requirement?

We ask that all interns be at least 18 years of age.  There is no limitation to the age of an intern.  Second carrier or retired workers are encouraged to sign up.   We do encourage interns to also be complementing their ministry development as interns with college or seminary courses at the same time.

How will an intern be evaluated for further investment?

Interns will be assessed in several areas.  One: ability to raise backing.  Two: possession of ministry attitudes.  Three: the quality of their work ethic.   And proven skill levels that are developed.   Interns will also be assessed as to their ability to do outreach and include new people in the ministry of the church.

Requirements for internship?

  1. A clear call of God on your life.
  2. A teachable heart.
  3. Born again and live a life of the fullness of the Spirit
  4. A student of the Bible.
  5. A submitted and committed heart.
  6. A desire to see ministry grow.
  7. A sense of camaraderie with the cause of HCOrlando.

Are there specific areas of expertise or interests that interns are wanted for?

We want the intern groups to be gathered on the basis of servanthood.  So anyone with a servant’s heart will be welcomed.  We are looking particularly for people who can work with administration, worship and music, media and arts, youth, outreach and prayer.

Who are the primary leaders?

Our lead pastor and leader is Bishop Harry Jackson Jr.   Bishop Jackson is a noted leader in the broader church of America. He is the residing Bishop of ICEC.  And is known far and wide for his ministry to the Body of Christ at large.  He is also leader of Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, MD.

The Ministry Director of HCOrlando, Doug Murren is the overseer of the intern ministry.  Doug is a known expert in church growth and outreach ministry. He is the author of numerous books and has led mega-churches, mid-sized and smaller churches and has been in on the start of over 130 churches.


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