Innovation or Intimacy? Which is your #1 Priority?

by | Mar 15, 2012 | Church Leadership, Church Planting | 5 comments

I was visiting the website of a popular preacher.  What was his newest vision?  To create dozens of new video campuses around the world and reach new markets with his brand of preaching.  In short, his mission is to grow new congregations who are attracted to his popularity as a preacher.

I watched the promotional video produced by the church which outlined their biblical justification for their video-campus mission.  After watching, my first question I asked myself was this: “Which do you value as your #1 mission in ministry, innovation or intimacy?”

While these two goals are not necessarily contradictory, the one you value most will absolutely determine the goals you set and the way you live out the mission of the Gospel each and every day.

When innovation is #1, a pastor far-removed from intimate-relationship with the congregation is not a big deal, so video preaching is the next logical step in innovation.

When intimacy is #1, loving relationship with the Church is the driving force behind the preaching; therefore, teaching teams and planting smaller and more diverse churches dominate your practice.

When Innovation is #1, a sermon filled with abstract theological truths that appeal to a broad Christian audience is the goal.

When Intimacy is #1, a sermon filled with concrete theological truth tied specifically to the life of the congregation who, in turn, can observe the pastor living out those truths on a daily basis is the goal.

When Innovation is #1, the pastor’s vision is consumed with creating a marketable product that can reach a wide audience.

When Intimacy is #1, the pastor’s vision is consumed with creating meaningful relationships that will transform lives.

So which is your #1 calling: innovation or intimacy?

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