Ideators Among Us

by | Apr 1, 2024 | Church Leadership

There are a lot of smart and hard-working people out there.  Some are both.

Have you noticed that power and influence often seem to only be in the hands of a few who use this influence for personal gain or the destruction of others? There is a smaller percentage of influencers who genuinely seek the betterment of others.  These are “Ideators” – a simple word to capture the strengths of these inspired influencers.


Ideas Lived Out


Ideators are those who realize that the world is really all about ideas being lived out (not just put on paper or talked about around a big table).

One challenge is that many ideas are simply “brain burps” that aren’t very inspired (“inspired” is an idea we’ll dig into more soon).  Also, some inspired ideas are left on the whiteboard or the cutting room floor – they aren’t lived out.  The further this age is lived out the more common this occurrence becomes.


Good Intentions


Ideators know that good intentions aren’t worth much and so they strive to bridge the gap between intention and application.  These are the leaders who move the world and actually change things.

Stunning Discovery: Some will never be leaders, but many leaders can become Ideators.

If you ask me, seek to become the rarest of whatever potential that Jesus has put within you. Go with that potential strength.

Develop that profoundly with all your might.

Ideators – we need many.  Here’s to all who can chew gum and bounce a basketball at the same time!


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