I Have Come To… Go Fish

by | Dec 24, 2010 | Outreach and Evangelism

Christmas, age 13.
“Not again! All you want for Christmas is more fishing stuff… you already have lots of fishing stuff. Why don’t you get a baseball glove like normal kids your age…”

“Can’t help it Mom – all I think about is fish. When you are serious about the fishing world – you can’t have enough equipment to help you become more effective Mom…”

My dad would have understood that truism, but he had died the summer before. Mom got this much – there was something deep inside of me that was nourished as I helped lots of fish encounter their destiny – to come home with me – attached to my stringer!

Jesus came to Earth to gather a planet full of fish. He knew fish. He loved fish. His passion was fish. Hang with fish and you will pick up their odor. When was the last time you heard someone compliment another with a ‘You smell of fish’ remark…

He was not a technique person. His only plan was

  • find fish
  • hang with fish
  • love fish
  • accept fish
  • heal fish… (you get the idea…)

We do Jesus’ stuff and the atmosphere of the kingdom will change everything.

He endorsed netting.

While we do Christmas over the next few days, I encourage you – sponge up the love around you. Healing is near. Take it in! Let the love around you sink in deeply. Even more, let the nearness of God’s love and those nearby fill you with all that is broken. Let the contagion of Jesus overflow.

It’s way more fun than being ticked off at unchanging relatives!

I lift my eggnog cup (non-fat, low sugar) to you! See you soon.

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