The Most Helpful Equipment For Planters #3

by | May 17, 2017 | Church Planting

I like to read articles from leaders who want to be as efficient but simple as possible, so here is my shot at some thoughts on what I use – and with most of these, I’ve used for years.

To keep it efficient and simple, I will break this into a few smaller posts.  Here is the third installment:

Multi-port USB Quick Charger

There are several versions of multi-port quick chargers on Poke around and find the one that a best fits you.

Thick Extension Cord

There are various thicknesses of cords – I recommend you get one that’s a little thicker than standard lamp cord. Better to have too much than too little.

Variety USB Cords to Charge All Devices

I recommend you look around on Amazon for the cords that fit you best. If you purchase Apple cords you will pay through the nose. There are others that work well with their Lightning charging devices – and best of all, they are far less than Apple.

Paper, Pen & Pencil

Some of what I do works better with good ‘ol pen and paper. When it comes to brainstorming, I always put ideas on paper.

Rollerball pens – 1.0 point

I hope you write notes to people you run into along the way.
With the crazy levels of digital notes these days, something handwritten stands out. This is especially impressive if a note comes in the mail. When was the last time you received a handwritten note? When you thumbed your mail that day, that was the one that stood out. Maybe that was the one you read first.

Some say they have bad handwriting so they’d never consider writing a note/letter. I’ve heard the expression “Their handwriting looked like a doctor had written it.” That may be true, but the only reason some doctors’ handwriting is tough to read is they scribble in a hurry.

As a former elementary teacher who taught kids to write clearly, I’ve seen that any of us can have decent penmanship if we just slow down and relax. A larger tip, like a 1.0, looks better than smaller ones.

Hopefully, these recommendations have been helpful; list your suggestions in the comments!

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