The Most Helpful Equipment For Planters #2

by | May 10, 2017 | Church Planting | 0 comments

I like to read articles from leaders who want to be as efficient but simple as possible, so here is my shot at some thoughts on what I use – and with most of these, I’ve used for years.

To keep it efficient and simple, I will break this into a few smaller posts.  Here is the second installment:


Brydge attached keyboard that fits with your iPad Pro.

I’ve tried several keyboards with my Pro, but this is the best.

Bluetooth keyboard – Logitech K811

If you write a lot, it can be much easier from a wireless keyboard, especially if you work from a laptop. One advantage of this keyboard is it’s easy to shift from using it on your laptop to your tablet to your phone. Pretty nifty when you want to go simple.

Bluetooth mouse – Logitech

An advantage for all the same reasons as a Bluetooth keyboard.

Levenger Index-sized Info Cards

When you want to give contact info to someone, these are far better than either a blank piece of paper or a conventional biz card. I like these especially because you can write on them to give more info as needed. For an additional price, they will print your important info at the top of the card. I’ve used these for years and they have served me well.

Levenger Pocket International Briefcase

I use this constantly. It has several slide into slots. It has space for several credit cards and plenty of room for your personalized index cards.

Carry Bag with Shoulder Strap

I have given up on any sort of conventional briefcase. I have a TimBuk2 bag that is unique to me. This company will build a bag with your choice of colors for various parts of the bag, and I frequently get comments on mine. I carry my bag on my shoulder – which works pretty well even when I have a truckload of stuff.

Hopefully, these recommendations have been helpful; list your suggestions in the comments!

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