The Most Helpful Equipment For Planters #1

by | May 3, 2017 | Uncategorized

I like to read articles from leaders who want to be as efficient but simple as possible, so here is my shot at some thoughts on what I use – and with most of these, I’ve used for years.

To keep it efficient and simple, I will break this into a few smaller posts.  Here is the first installment:

I’m an unapologetic Apple user. I spoke with an Apple tech person I needed in order to reset a password. I told him that I have almost every item Apple produces. I said I even have an Apple flyswatter. He must have been a little more linear than most – he said, “Gee, I didn’t know we have one of those.”

Let’s start with several Apple products. You may not use Apple equipment, but that’s okay, we can just pray for you…:) For me there are advantages to Apple equipment, simplicity being the biggest.

Apple Watch

Granted, these are pricey, but if you have the bucks this is well worth the price. At the top of the list, I am able to get on the spot updates. I can look over my entire day’s agenda for what I may have forgotten from earlier in the day. But the best feature for me is the “Haptic” feature. I can set it on the strong setting so when a reminder, such as a time to meet up or call someone.

Apple MacBook Pro Laptop

The prices on these are going down all the time, and let me say I will never return to a Windows system. Three times I’ve lost important files because of the “Blue Screen of Death” with Windows. I understand that each evolution of their basic OS gets better, but that’s what Microsoft has said all along. I still hear they’ve had meltdowns akin to mine, even with the newest versions. The Apple OS at any given time has limitations, but after writing thousands of files I’ve never lost a single one.

Apple iPhone

I’m not necessarily convinced that the iPhone is the very best out there, though the OS updates every six months or so. The OS is the greatest advantage of it over Google phones.

iPad Pro

If you have used an iPad you’ve seen how helpful they can be, with a variety of uses. The iPad Pro goes beyond standard iPads. I use it much of the time apart from my laptop. Some of what I need requires a full computer – but a number of apps work well with this alone.

Hopefully, these recommendations have been helpful; list your suggestions in the comments!

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