Come & See vs Go & Do Church

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Every year I reread certain books. These books were light years ahead of anything out there at the time and are still relevant today. One of the books that I revisit often is Community of Kindness, by Steve Sjogren and Rob Lewin. Here are some wisdom nuggets from that book. Enjoy 🙂

“Decide where you want to fit on the missional continuum – become either a come-and-see or a go-and-do church.”

A come-and-see church prioritizes its resources (time, energy, money, etc.) toward the building, attendance and membership.  Surprisingly most of these churches espouse believing in outreach, releasing of laity, caring for the poor and giving generously.

Deep down somewhere, doesn’t everybody?  The come-and-see church says these things are important but then doesn’t make them priorities.

The go-and-do church
empowers volunteers to serve
not-yet-converted people.
  1. The go-and-do church allocates 10 to 20 percent of its annual income to serve the poor! The go-and-do church makes sure that 50 percent of all volunteer hours at the church are invested in folks who don’t even care about the church, aren’t Christians and need to be shown love in practical ways.
  2. We recommend that you take time with your leaders and explain this to them.  One idea: Start giving 5 percent to the poor.  Now. It will change your life, all your people and especially your leaders.”

    (The excerpt was taken from Community of Kindness, by Steve Sjogren and Rob Lewin.  Regal Books, 2003; pp. 22-4.)


    It has been said that we can know someone’s heart by the way they spend their time and money. I believe this is also true for churches. I encourage you to go back to your local churches and reevaluate your budget and calendars. Most churches would probably say they a vision to reach the lost, do missions, etc. Reality Check: Does your budget reflect the stated vision? Does your calendar indicate that passion for reaching the lost or is most of your time spent on those already saved?

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