Gasping For Air?

by | Jul 28, 2011 | Church Planting

Have you ever noticed when the oxygen mask instructions are given on an airplane that the flight attendant tells you to put your own mask on first – then on your child?  Why?  Because you if you become unconscious from lack of oxygen while attending to your child you will both be lost. If those of us who serve in church planting are starved for life giving air, we won’t be worth much to others.

As a church planter wife there is always something important to do. And in the last 37 years, I’ve done it all.  Pressing needs abound. We are constantly confronted with critical demands.  What to do?

Most of us in CP have a servant’s heart.  If I see something on the floor in a super market isle, I’ll stop and pick it up. Christians are wired to serve. So, when something at church has to be done, I’m there – sometimes to my own harm. A tired, burned out woman will diminish her effectiveness.  Our Biblical mandate is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry–not to do it all ourselves.

Put on your own mask first… Over the years I’ve noticed that if I’ve overlooked or reduced my personal devotional life that my other ministry functions become out of balance and unproductive. Tough times will inevitably come but God’s Word will sustain you – establishing your own ministry and your place at your husband’s side.

Ralph Winter, founder of the US Center for World Missions once encouraged, “read for a blessing… be on the lookout for a command, a warning, an example, or a truth. Make sure that ‘blessing’ is Biblical, personal & specific.  People who keep in touch with God daily are those on whom God can truly depend!”

Bill Taylor quoted one US army general… “We are always in training; we train on the base, we train in the field, we train in foxholes, we train on the battlefield, why, because dumb, incompetent, lazy officers mean dead soldiers.”  “Spectacular achievements are always preceded by spectacular preparation…”

CP wives play a crucial role.  We live like a dairy farmer who can never get away from the cows.  Men, encourage what’s vital for her spiritual victory. Daily devotional time is oxygen for her soul.

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