Five Reasons Churches Don’t Get Involved In Church Planting

by | May 4, 2016 | Church Leadership, Church Planting, Outreach and Evangelism


Many tend to think that planting a church is something that only a select few congregations can do. The rational for avoiding the conversation ranges from issues like low-corporate self-esteem, territorialism, money and health. The battle cry of many small congregations goes something like this: “We need to grow first. We are not healthy enough to plant a new church.” Yet, in a sick twist of irony, one of the main reasons many churches aren’t healthy and don’t grow is because they have turned inwardly. A once thriving, outwardly focused, mission-driven, evangelistically focused church has now become a dry, struggling, maintenance-minded, and protective congregation.

What we all need to realize is that church planting is a call from God to all churches, everywhere, even new congregation. That’s right, even new churches. If a new church doesn’t embed church planting into its DNA, it stands the risk of quickly becoming an inwardly focused. In fact, if a new church doesn’t plant a new church within three-years of its beginning, it probably never will.

Why don’t many get involved? Five reasons:

Mud- too often we get the idea that church is about building our personal empire rather than building the Kingdom of God.

Members– We are afraid to give up our people for fear that God won’t replace them. I think we should tithe our people like we tithe our money.

Momentum – Giving our people away will slow our own growth right? While that may be true, imagine what might happen if we give our best away. God says if he can trust us with little he will give us more.

Money – We hardly have hardly have enough to run our own programs.

Meism – It’s all about us!

Think on this:

Church Multiplication is a spiritual decision of a local church to put the needs of a desperate world before self-preservation.

One final note:

Churches 200 or less in attendance are 4 times more likely to plant than churches of a 1000+.

Churches between 200-500 are 2 times more likely to plant.

Smaller churches are getting it done most effectively!

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