Embracing Sacrifice in Church Planting

by | Nov 20, 2023 | Church Leadership, Church Planting, Pastoral Burnout

Today, let’s explore a topic close to many of our hearts: the sacrifices involved in church planting. This journey, while challenging, is a testament to our faith and commitment. We’ll dive into what these sacrifices entail and how we, as a community, can navigate them with grace and resilience.


The Essence of Sacrifice in Church Planting:


When we talk about church planting, we’re talking about a journey that’s not just about spreading the Word, but also about the willingness to embrace sacrifice. This might mean investing time, resources, and, sometimes, our personal lives. For many, it involves uprooting and relocating families, and for pastors, it’s about sending off a part of your congregation to start anew.


The Early Days – A Blend of Joy and Challenges:


The initial phase of a church plant is like riding a roller coaster. There are high points, like witnessing new believers join the faith, and then there are the less glamorous moments, like cleaning up after community events. It’s a journey where we find glory in every task, big or small.


Support Systems – Lightening the Load:


Thankfully, the path has been made smoother over the years. Denominations and networks have stepped up, offering financial support and sharing best practices. This communal effort is a beautiful illustration of how we, as the Body of Christ, support each other in our missions.


The Reality of Sacrifice in Our Culture:


In today’s consumer-centric world, we must remember that sacrifice is a core kingdom value. It’s about “handling hard well,” as eloquently put by Coach Kara Lawson. Church planting is at the forefront of missional work, and it inherently involves embracing these sacrifices.


Strategies for Navigating Church Planting Challenges


1. Build a Supportive Community

Connect with other church planters and mentors. Sharing experiences and wisdom is invaluable.


2. Focus on Resilience

Cultivate personal resilience through spiritual practices and self-care. A supportive family that shares your vision is crucial.


3. Adaptability is Key

Be ready to adjust to the evolving needs of your community. Flexibility can turn challenges into opportunities.


4. Strong Team Dynamics

Invest in a core team that shares your vision and commitment. They are your pillars in this journey.


5. Stay Rooted in Faith

Amidst the challenges, keep your focus on Jesus. Remember – your job is to make disciples, and He will build the church. Stay vertical, my friend! Jesus must be your source of strength.

I believe in you and the mission God has given you as church planters.

Be encouraged!

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