Don’t Give Up -Sync!

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Church Leadership, Pastoral Burnout


I’ve had one of those weeks when everywhere I turn, I’ve heard or read some version of Paul’s verse in Galatians, “Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap if we do not give up.”(Gal. 6:9, English Standard Version)

To ‘Sync’?

When you sync your PDA or cell phone with your laptop the two devices are “talking” to one another.

To Live in Sync…

I have read a number of books about the power of “momentum,” the importance of momentum being in our midst if we hope to see something significant happen as leaders.

Here’s another thought to put in your pipe.

Momentum is really not much of a biblical idea, but one that we have borrowed from the business community. As one who coaches a number of business leaders, I’m not sure it really fits all that well there either. A more accurate term is “Flow.”This is a clearer description of the one-on-one relationship each leader in the scriptures had with God. Flow is something that requires a daily tuning in with Big God. Why did Jesus often go off by himself to be alone with the Father? For many reasons, but mostly to sync with the Father. That is, to make sure they were on the same page.

Seeing Big God show up in our midst is THE goal in any of our churches no matter what the size.

The question is never “How large is your church?”The ONLY question is now or will ever be, “Do people recognize -old and new alike -that God showing up so clearly that something powerful is happening here?”If that awareness is present, as Peter writes, a “multitude of sins” can be covered (1 Peter 4:8). It’s not a program. It’s not mostly about getting organized. God shows up -all is well.
Each time I have heard these stories of Jesus seeking out the Father’s presence the teacher/author has made a point to emphasize that Jesus was drained, sleepy, hungry, yet he paid the price to deny himself and sacrificed to be with the Father. I suspect there was some of that self-denial involved with this. But each time such teaching goes forth we are telling our people the prayer is drudgery, it is only for the super-spiritual who can pull spiritual rabbits out of their hats… you get the picture. In short, no one can relate.
What if… Jesus was actually enjoying being with the Father? What if he was excited to be in the presence of the Father and he returned the next morning with a strong sense of “Ahhh, that hit the spot! I can’t get enough of just being with the Father! He is so good. Now I can take on anything -come what may.
“Prayer is something that intimidates those who have tasted it a bit. But those who walk in it -they realize it is the only way forward.

When We Don’t Sync -What Happens?

It’s about living behind strategic “Yes” and “No” responses. Look back over your past two years with the question, “How much time have I invested in things many could have done -probably they should have done.”We are all prone to falling in and out of living in our particular focus.
Unfortunately, life happens at the speed such a way that we are incapable of filtering much if any of what comes our way. We can learn to say, “No” to what we are not about (most things) and “Yes” to the narrow field of things Jesus has made us to narrowly focus upon.
HINT: The more spiritual activity that comes our way, the more difficult syncing becomes.Thus the need to live in a strategic way. Those who live long obedience are the ones who are willing to humble themselves, to live in the reality that only by God’s intervention will they succeed spiritually.
Last thought: Of those who see God show up in their midst in a profound way and wonderful things happen, it is essential that we regularly repeat to our people how we are approaching things. My approach is this -repeat frequently to your folks, “We’re in a marathon, not a sprint!


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