Do The Work Of An Evangelist

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Do you have to be an Evangelist to be effective in evangelism?

But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry. 2 Timothy 4:5

You don’t have to be an Evangelist to be effective in evangelism.

Paul understood this principle. But he was highly effective in the ministry of evangelism by doing the work of an evangelist. Obviously he was a shepherd. He couldn’t do most of what’s involved in the full-time working out of being an Evangelist. He couldn’t travel. He couldn’t preach all over creation. In many ways, his ability to dedicate himself to that ministry of outwardness was limited, but he was perhaps very effective in stirring up evangelism just the same.

This is a balancing message for those who have tended to excuse themselves entirely from any involvement from evangelism simply because they don’t see themselves as naturally operating in the realm of evangelism.

I lead a church in a town just southwest of Portland, Oregon. I have seen many get involved in the ministry of evangelism even though they are not naturally gifted at doing evangelism. They have understood that evangelism is a priority in the Kingdom of God, so they walk out the value of evangelism as part of the discipline of their life as Believers. It is like other aspects of the Christian life I don’t feel an absolute affinity to. I do them out of a dedication to discipline because I know this is part of the package I took on when I signed up to follow Jesus. I pray even though I don’t see myself as a big-time Intercessor. I give -a lot sometimes -even though I don’t have the gift of generosity as some do. The list goes on.

Some do have the gift of Evangelist.

If your church has 100 people, chances are good you have one person who operates in this realm. It is important that you encourage that person. He or she can serve as a catalyst to the 99% who are gifted among you

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