Constructing Your Team

by | Jan 8, 2013 | Church Leadership, Church Planting

Building and shaping your leadership team early on will determine the level of success you will have in your plant.  I didn’t understand how important it was to have a good mix of people types to succeed.  I sometimes viewed people who were not visionaries like myself as problem people.

The following is a list of six people types you will need to succeed.  If you can learn to recognize them and maybe even deliberately recruit them you will increase the effectiveness of your planting team.

I have come to believe that the leadership team should be gathered before anything else in a planned plant.  Check out this list and see how it might work for you.  I recommend reading Guy Kawasaki’s book “Enchantment” for further insights.

  1. Evangelists –  They sell the dream and can see how your church will change lives.
  1. Advocate –  This is the person who says we need to care for the people already in the church.
  1. Skeptic – This is the person who challenges ideas to make them better.
  1. Rainmaker –  The rainmaker raises money and personnel for the cause.
  1. Visionary – This is the person who can visualize the ultimate success of the church.
  1. Adult  –    This person makes certain everything is legal and wise.

Leaders will tend to want to draw together people like themselves.  Think about your team and learn to appreciate the differences.  And if you need to expand assess where your needs lie.

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