Conferences for Church Planters in 2023

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Do you need some inspiration for the upcoming year? I find it essential to be around others who may do things differently but are making an impact in their community and region. Are you a church planter looking for opportunities to connect with others in your field and learn from some of the best in the business? Then consider attending one of these conferences geared toward church planting:


Exponential Conference


The Exponential Conference is specifically designed for church planters and features a variety of tracks and workshops to help you take your ministry to the next level. With a mix of keynote speakers and practical breakout sessions, you’ll leave feeling inspired and equipped to tackle the challenges of church planting head-on.


Church planting conference 2023




This conference, hosted by Converge, is designed to help church planters and their teams learn from experienced practitioners and network with others in their field. With a focus on practical strategies and best practices, this conference is a great opportunity for church planters to grow in their skills and knowledge.


Church planting conference 2023


C3 Conference


There are several reasons why a church planter should attend the C3 Conference at Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas. Three things come to mind when I think about this conference:

1. Speakers who are practitioners

The C3 Conference features experienced and successful church planters who have a wealth of knowledge and insight to share. This is a great opportunity to learn from their experiences and gain valuable tips and strategies for starting and growing a church.

2. Networking opportunities

The conference provides an opportunity to connect with other church planters and ministry leaders from around the country. This can be a great way to build relationships, exchange ideas, and learn from one another.

3. Practical training

The conference offers hands-on training and workshops designed specifically for church planters. This can be an invaluable resource for anyone starting a new church and looking for practical guidance and support.

church planting conference in 2023

These conferences can be a chance for pastors to recharge their batteries, take a break from their busy schedules, and return to their ministries with renewed energy and focus.

Get inspired and determined to make 2023 the most effective year in ministry!

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