Committed or Uncommitted?

by | Apr 3, 2013 | Church Leadership, Church Planting

I am of the belief that THE major factor in predicting success or failure for most ventures is in knowing if a person/institution possesses a committed heart or an uncommitted heart.

The uncommitted heart will be look for a way of escape or make excuses. On the other hand, a committed heart looks for solutions and takes responsibility.

A sports team will see its season defined by this principle. An uncommitted team will skip workouts and simply walk through their practice time. A lack of commitment to their private practice habits will be revealed in public by poor performance. A committed team will stick together, weather adversity and win championships. High character teams will always posses a committed heart!

When a marriage has a strong commitment and the word divorce is not taken lightly, then the marriage has a much greater chance of succeeding. The uncommitted heart in marriage will look for exit doors marked: work, hobbies, adultery and abandonment.

Your heart, when rightly aligned with proper values, can be your staunchest ally, but misaligned, your heart will become your worst enemy.

Committed or Uncommitted? Your answer will determine whether or not you will fail or succeed.

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