Church Planting Reality: No Silver Bullets

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There are no silver bullets in church planting. Anyone hocking a book or course called “3 Steps to easy church planting,” is more of a salesperson than they are a church planting practitioner. The truth is there are NO shortcuts. Church planting is NOT easy. In fact, church planting is one of the toughest things you may ever do. There are, however, some things that church planting practitioners have noted that can set your church plant up for success.


Mission and Vision Clarity


A key to starting a church that thrives is having a clear mission and vision. Your mission is your why. It’s the reason you exist as a church. Your vision is your what. It’s what you want to accomplish as a church. Having a clear mission and vision will provide direction for everything you do. It will help you make decisions about what programs to offer, who to hire, and how to allocate resources. When everyone in your church is on the same page about your mission and vision, you’ll be able to move forward with purpose.


Strong Leadership


Another key factor in starting a church that thrives is having strong leadership. Your leaders should embody your mission and vision and be able to communicate it effectively to others. They should be people of integrity who are committed to serving others. Your leaders should also be good communicators and have a heart for prayer. When you have leaders who are passionate about your mission and vision, it will rub off on others, and your church will be more likely to grow.




In addition to mission& vision, and strong leadership, it’s important to be adaptable and willing to change. The church world is constantly evolving, and what worked even five years ago may not work now. It’s important to be open to new ideas, technologies, and approaches. This means experimenting with different programs, listening to feedback from your congregation, and keeping an eye on what other thriving churches are doing. When you’re willing to be flexible and change if needed, you’ll be better positioned to meet the needs of your community, reach new people, and be more effective in making disciples.

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