From Church Plant to Church Planting Movement

by | Nov 24, 2023 | Church Growth, Church Leadership, Church Planting

Church Plants Must Embrace Early Multiplication


As church planters, we’re embarking on a journey to spread the Word and multiply our impact. In this mission, the concept of ‘waiting until the right time’ to plant new churches is a narrative we need to reconsider. As Ed Stetzer insightfully pointed out, new churches should embody the essence of the Tribbles from the classic ‘Star Trek series – creatures known for their incredible rate of multiplication. They were considered “born pregnant.” With this heart and mindset, we can move from a church plant to a church planting movement.


A Culture of Multiplication from Day One


The idea is simple yet profound: Church plants should be ‘born pregnant’, ready to spread and multiply from their inception. This doesn’t mean recklessly expanding without roots; instead, it’s about nurturing a culture of multiplication from the very beginning.


The Myth of ‘The Right Time’


Many new churches fall into the trap of waiting and waiting to be well-established, waiting for a robust budget, and waiting for a large congregation. However, this waiting game often leads to missed opportunities. The truth is, there’s never a ‘perfect’ time to plant a new church. We might never expand our reach if we wait for the ideal conditions.



Small Beginnings, Significant Impacts


Remember, it’s not about the size of the congregation or the budget but the heart and the mission. A small group, deeply committed to the cause, can have an outsized impact. It’s about building a community inherently geared towards growing and sharing the faith, not just within but also beyond its current boundaries.


Practical Steps Towards Multiplication


  1. Vision Casting: Embed the vision of multiplication in your church’s DNA. Talk about it, preach it, and make it a part of your church’s identity.
  2. Leadership Development: Train and empower leaders who can take the helm of new church plants.
  3. Community Engagement: Plant roots in your community by serving and understanding its needs, forming a solid foundation for growth.
  4. Strategic Partnerships: Collaborate with other churches and organizations to share resources and wisdom.


Wrapping it Up…

As church planters, our goal shouldn’t be just to establish a new church, but to ignite a movement. Let’s embrace the ‘born pregnant’ mindset and start our planting journey with the intention of multiplication. It’s a bold step, but one that could profoundly change our communities and expand the Kingdom in ways we can hardly imagine.

Remember, in the Kingdom of God, it’s not about the size of our start, but the strength of our faith and the depth of our commitment to His mission.


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