Changes at Church: Tips for Better Planning

by | Jun 26, 2023 | Church Growth, Church Health, Church Revitalization

Change is inevitable. This statement is true in every aspect of life, including leadership and ministry. But the thing is, most people resist change. They’re comfortable with the status quo and don’t see the need to change. But, as leaders, we know that change is necessary for growth and progress.


Change is Inevitable


Believe it or not, change will come whether we like it or not. In the context of ministry, change may come in the form of new technology, a demographic shift, or a change in the cultural landscape. Failure to plan for change can leave us unprepared and struggling to adapt. As church leaders and planters, we must prepare for change and stay ahead of the game.


Planning for Change is Wise


The wise person plans for change. For church leaders and planters, planning means anticipating the future, analyzing trends, and setting goals that will help us achieve success in the long term.

It is important to note that for any change to happen – God has to be the initiator. Once we hear clearly and see the path forward, we implement it accordingly.


The Benefits of Planning


There are many benefits to planning for change. First, it helps us transition smoothly. Some people are hesitant to change; therefore, some aspects should be rolled out slowly.

When we intentionally roll out changes within the church or ministry, we can get input from our trusted team members. Why? Because planning involves creating a culture of continuous refinement where we encourage feedback, experimentation, and innovation. Planning ensures that we stay focused and on track toward our God-given vision.


How to Plan


So, how do we plan for future change? We need to be intentional. We must take time to reflect on our current strategies, assess our strengths and weaknesses, and identify opportunities for growth.


God is the Ultimate Change Agent


We must recognize that God is the ultimate change agent. We must have faith in His plan for us and trust that He will guide us through the changes that lie ahead. When we plan for change, we must seek His guidance, pray for wisdom, and listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading. Our faith, not our personal preferences, should inform and shape our approach to change planning.

As people of faith, we must trust in God’s plan for us and seek His guidance as we navigate the changes that lie ahead.

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I’m Jeff Hoglen, and I love the church. I’ve been a church planter since 2001, and I currently have a church plant in southeast Asia with RockFish Church. The RFC main campus is based in North Carolina, where I previously pastored. I also oversee a network of 25 churches in the Philippines with DOVE International. Besides that, I’m a certified coach and trainer with the Maxwell Leadership Team and serve as CEO of I’m a practitioner and lifelong learner within the church planting and revitalization fields, and I love to help others learn and grow.

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