Recurring Sin or Bad Habits That Keeps Us Stuck

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Church Leadership

Every day for weeks, this goat (I’d say, “Stupid Goat” but I’d get in trouble with my grandson), would get his horns through the wire fence and get caught.  Every day, someone had to go out and free him from his predicament.  Finally, after a couple of weeks, the owner taped a piece of PVC pipe across his horns so that he couldn’t get into trouble in the first place.  It looks kind of funny, but it works.

Now, unable to get to the greener grass on the other side of the fence, he contentedly chews his cud.

There is a lesson for us. 

How many times do we have a recurring sin or bad habit that keeps us stuck?  How many times do we have to get bailed out of trouble?

Because we have an underlying lack of trust in God, we get involved in destructive behaviors or worse, sin.  These tend to hang us up over and over again.

The difference between us and goats is that we can tape our own piece of PVC across our weaknesses and sometimes help ourselves.

Here are a couple of “PVC Fixes” that might be common to many.

  • Pornography on the internet

Set a content filter and let your accountability partner set the password.

  • Procrastination

Check out these Habit Tracker Apps and get reminders to accomplish that which you have been putting off.

  • Gluttony

Join Weight Watchers or another group.  My own personal caught issue!

I’m sure that some of the other goats probably make fun of Mr. PVC, but he is able to make a go of it now.  Some of your friends may scoff at having to have external motivations, but sometimes we need them to help us move forward.

Last thoughts:  If we don’t figure out our own PVC solutions, God may tape his own solution on our head through circumstances, a board, or a spouse and the result may be a “time out” for restoration.

OK, now I’ll do my timeout for saying “Stupid”.

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