Building a Rock-solid Core Team

by | Jun 12, 2023 | Church Leadership, Church Planting

A church planter cannot do it alone. Building a solid core team is essential to achieve your goals and fulfill the mission God has given you. Here are some practical insights on recruiting, developing, and retaining a dedicated team that shares your vision and mission.


1. Prayer and Vision Casting:


Before you start recruiting core team members, be sure to spend time in prayer – seeking God’s direction for the church. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and guidance on who to invite to join your team.

Secondly, vision casting is crucial to let potential team members understand the mission and vision of the church plant. It would help if you had a clear and compelling vision that inspires and motivates others to join you on this journey.


2. Identify and Recruit Potential Leaders:


A successful core team comprises individuals with the passion, skills, and leadership potential to help the church plant. Look for people who exhibit these qualities in your existing network, church community, and beyond. Invite them to join you in prayer and vision meetings (Interest Meetings) to gauge if they are a good fit for the new church.

You are bound to attract a few rebels along the way. Don’t compromise the core team by allowing a person with a hidden agenda or impure motives to join the launch team. They can attend once the church is launched, but your team needs to walk in unity from day one.


3. Training and Development:


Once you have recruited a core team, invest in their training and development. Create a culture of continuous learning, provide opportunities for skill development, and equip them to serve effectively. Training can be done through formal programs, mentoring, coaching, and skills-based workshops.

As the leader, they must know that you are competent in what you are endeavoring to do. I suggest that you lead the meetings and training. Teaching at these get-togethers will help them know your heart and allow you to earn their respect. This is key, especially if the team members do not know you well.


4. Consistent Communication and Accountability:


As a church planter or leader, keeping an open line of communication with your core team is crucial. Regularly communicate the church planting effort’s vision, mission, and goals. Ensure that everyone is on the same page and expectations are clear. Additionally, create a culture of accountability where team members are responsible and committed to their roles and tasks.


5. Celebrate the Wins and Milestones:


Celebrating milestones and achievements as a team creates a sense of community and will help build momentum. Celebrate every win, no matter how small, and acknowledge the contributions of team members. It can be a simple meal, recognition during team meetings, or a social event to unwind and relax.




Building a rock-solid core team for successful church planting is a process that requires prayer, vision casting, recruitment, training, communication, accountability, and celebration. Investing in your team will not only benefit the church plant, but it will also develop leaders, equip servants, and fulfill God’s mission.


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